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Mid-century is more than just great

design-it's a lifestyle.

For a true mid-century design enthusiast, the spirit of modernism is captured by more than just the architecture of the home and the furniture inside it.  It goes far beyond the tangible, extending the metaphor of the unequivocal experience of being classic and yet modern all at once.  It’s the past melding with the future, and the interplay between geometry and style.  Mid-century interiors are all about interior-exterior flow, juxtaposing clean lines with organic landscapes, and inspiring through a constant evolution and exploration of design possibilities with an intrinsic and essential sensitivity to and appreciation for the spaces in which we live. 


Mr. Cox knows mid-century design.  We’ve been living mid-century modern for over 50 years, since its inception.  We understand the impact of great design, the feeling of color, space, and style that encapsulates the experience of the mid-century mood.  We dress in it, we style it, we design it, and we live it—all with a fresh approach that is unmatched by other design firms. 


Ours is an eclectic approach with a truly global viewpoint, mixing elements of mid-century modern with organic materials and exotic finds gathered from far-reaching places and cultures. Our brand view is that of a British gentleman taking a trip through a less-traveled path, stopping along the way to enjoy, taste, feel, and appreciate the iconic spaces in which we are meant to exist. Mr. Cox is all about mixing groovy with glamorous, and the endless possibilities for fashion, interiors, and fantasy.

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