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Mr. Cox is a full-service design firm with over 20 years of expertise in residential and commercial interior design. Based in Palm Springs and Los Angeles, we work with clients throughout the Southern California region to craft unique residences and spaces rooted in classic mid-century design with a modern edge.  We have a passion for creating spaces that are both sophisticated and fun, colorfully layered and cohesive, classic and futuristic.  Our passion for design incorporates global experiences and travels, intertwined with the contrast and deference to the landscape that is so inherent in Southern California mid-century modern.  Our knowledge, life experience, and expertise in mid-century interiors, architecture and bespoke design creates a multi-faceted, experiential residence for each client.  With the creation of intriguingly provocative concepts and imaginative backdrops for living, Mr. Cox’s approach to design achieves a unique environment and setting for each client’s ultimate lifestyle experience.



  • Client consultation and research in aligning client goals and needs with project objectives and design concepts

  • Space planning and CAD design to optimize room layout, proportion, and spatial flow

  • Construction project management from cosmetic interior re-design to full scale remodeling

  • Collaboration with key partners including architects, contractors, and landscape designers

  • Selection of new and vintage furniture, lighting, fixtures, fabrics, and accessories

  • Consultation and selection of artwork; curating private art collections

  • Creation of bespoke furniture, color, and textile schemes 

  • Coordination of delivery and installation of all furniture, furnishings, and accessories


We design by sourcing and supplying authentic mid-century modern furniture, accessories, clothing and looks based on individual and corporate client needs for both interior design and staging, as well as for red carpet events, fashion shoots, editorial, product placement and advertising campaigns.


Our services include:

Fashion Inspiration and Sourcing:  Providing vintage fashion direction, clothing and accessories as inspiration to global fashion houses.  Working with top designers in the US and Europe, we source and supply one-of-a-kind vintage pieces as inspiration for look, cut, fabric, and detail.


Editorial Styling:  Conceptualizing, selecting and delivering finished mid-century modern looks for photo shoots as well as for advertising campaigns.  Sourcing and selecting vintage clothing and furniture to appear in fashion magazines and other media platforms including social media campaigns. 

Prop and Set Styling:  Finding and buying vintage clothing, props and environments for print advertising campaigns in order to achieve a mid-century modern look and feel.


Photo Styling:  Styling for mid-century modern photo shoots, editorial, and commercials as well as consultation for mid-century photographic approaches.


Video/Commercial Styling:  Styling models and actors for vintage-look videos and commercials.  Selecting, supplying, curating and styling mid-century modern wardrobes, environments, and looks.


Fashion Show Styling:  Supplying and curating of vintage garments and accessories for fashion shows, developing the event concept, dealing with the media, photographers, and public relations companies to achieve the right look and feel for authentic vintage style.

Celebrity Styling:  Supplying vintage clothing and curating mid-century looks for film and television celebrities and performance clients for red carpet appearances and concert events. 

Personal Shopping:  Developing a mid-century modern fashion style and look; Selecting and shopping for vintage clothing for private clients, as well as wardrobe styling and editing. 


Bespoke Design:  Creation and production of one-of-a-kind wardrobe for red carpet and special event appearances.

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